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Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

This pilot project is intending to provide a ray of light and an awakening to all stakeholders to stand up and be counted among those that will make a contribution towards the process of improving the health status of Adolescent Girls and Young Women with Psycho-social Disabilities. Personal experiences of the affected and critical analyses of the findings on the ground are going to be used to forge a way forward with regard to improving the sexual and reproductive health of Adolescent Girls and Young Women with psycho social disabilities.

Goal; To contribute to the process of improving the health status of Adolescent Girls and Young Women with Psychosocial Disabilities in Jinja and the nearby Districts of Uganda.

1. To increase availability and up-take of integrated Sexual and Reproductive Health services among AGYW with psycho-social disabilities.

2. To strengthen the capacity of AGYW with psycho-social disability to deliver peer-led community services.

3. To enhance advocacy on issues related to psycho-social disability, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights.

Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHRs) of adolescent girls and young women with psycho-social disabilities project activities 2017

Group photo during the Official project launch

Stakeholders Analysis
Stakeholder analysis – this activity was done to build allies in the advocacy process towards facilitation of participation in decision making processes regarding the CRPD. The analysis resulted into identification of individuals and/or organizations that have a strong voice on DPO issues and the CRPD. These are allies to the intervention. These were invited to participate in the Official project launch which also served as a participatory forum for the allies to forge ahead on issues regarding the CRPD. These included sexual and reproductive health service providers, district civic leaders who are pivotal in decision making and opinion leaders and people with disabilities ,caregivers and the UN CRPD Committee member (Mr. Martin Babu)


Baseline Survey

The survey facilitated was another activity that laid another building block on the process of facilitating an increase in DPO participation in decision-making processes regarding the CRPD. The survey provided information on the launching pad for the participation and decision making process. The survey for instance provided information on the existing sexual and reproductive health services in the project area and how these service centers were serving adolescent girls and young women with psycho-social disabilities. This knowledge will facilitate the process of informed decision making and involvement because gaps were identified and recommendations from the stakeholders were made.



Human Rights & CRPD trainings
Sensitization of people with psycho-social disabilities on human rights and the CRPD – two sensitization sessions were conducted one targeted young people (ages 14 -25) with psycho-social disabilities and young care givers of people with psycho-social disabilities. The other sensitization had older people with psycho-social disabilities ; members of Triumph Uganda men and women and Caregivers of people with psycho-social disabilities.
Dissemination of baseline Survey Results
This was done in September 2017 a travel Hotel, the occasion was graced by the presence of Mr. Med Ssengooba the Disability Rights Fund (DRF) Program Officer for Africa, the District Key Stake holders and The BOD member of World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (WNUSP) Mr. Daniel Iga was also present.


Planned projects

  • Economic empowerment of members through art and crafts
  • Music ,Dance and Drama
  • Community care for the Elderly
  • Psychological support to families

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